The woodpath

Wake up your senses and let you guide untill us.

How born Menghino

We are two lovers of the nature and of the country. We met by chance along “the way of wood”.

I met Carla by chance, in one summer day, in an office, on the second floor, a decorated room with lots of books, photographs and memories of a life dedicated to public education and to educational services. I have been suggested to speak with her, an ex-teacher, sensitive to themes that I love too. It’s just for passion that I met Carla. We both love the nature and staying in the open air; the effort of the work in the country and the satisfaction of the rest, with grieved muscles, drinking tea in front of crackling fire; we love slow times as well as slow education addressed to children and adults. The love for small gestures and the small things, especially for the objects created by recycling, the love for manual skills and for things that can always have a second life; the attention to other people’ or animals’ needs.

Our trip begann on that day, we have finished, after a series of wandering, to Casore del Monte, at a farm holidays centre “Menghino”: we are bound to space and to landscape, to people and to their traditions, to wild animals and to those houseanimals. In short we are fell in love with all of this.




Our philosophy

Among lines we have let to leak out something. Our philosopy of slowly time is a way to live and to see things. It’s a way to interpret, to feel and to live everything that sorrounds us: “more slowly and more sweet”.

The words that more represent us in this moment, I would like to steal them to the memory of a pedagogist, headmaster, who is dedicated for many years to scholastic teaching, to the education of slowly and not violent school: Gianfranco Zavalloni.