Biological farm

The history of this farm started many years ago,
and it is the history of this house that interlaces
with its cultivation and with its animals.

The dive grove

The dive grove has been established about thirty years ago, in this way the hill became typical tuscany landscape. There are trees which have to tell their stories, if we have patience to listen, if we take care of it to let them grown and the patient to wait for it.

The vineyard

The vineyard has been established in the same period of olive grove and after years of shoot and of trimming, season after season, some knotty and contorted plants present, with strange and artistic forms, only the nature could invent them. A wine of thirty years takes all of its history and all of its tradition with itself from the root, through stalk, to point.

Questo è un altro aspetto rasserenante della natura: la sua immensa bellezza è lì per tutti. Nessuno può pensare di portarsi a casa un'alba o un tramonto.