Ciò che è fuori, è anche dentro; e ciò che non è dentro non è da nessuna parte. Per questo viaggiare non serve. Se uno non ha niente dentro, non troverà mai niente fuori.
É inutile andare a cercare nel mondo quel che non si riesce a trovare dentro di sé.

Tiziano Terzani

La storia

nonniMenghino è la località appena sotto il paese di Casore del Monte, un gruppo di case tra cui la nostra una delle più antiche…tra il 1800 e il 1914 così è scritto sul forno di casa. Tutto inizia con i coniugi Francesconi Agostino e Valiani Maria. 3 figlie nascono a Menghino: Leopoldina, Albina e Norma. La proprietà diventa per eredità di Maraccini Adelmo e Francesconi Norma e accanto viene costruita una nuova abitazione da Francesconi Leopoldo. Fino alla fine del 1999-2000 il giovane Canigiani Francesco acquista entrambe le abitazioni dando così vita all’agriturismo Menghino 2010.



In the name “Valentina” there are some characteristics that represent me: healthy, strong, and value. I am an historian of arts for teaching with a social-psycho pedagogic diploma. In my life I am adapted to do lots of things and lots of works: some made for necessity, others are arrived because I haven’t left my passions. For many years, I have continued to work like gardener. I followed courses bounded with urban and didactic vegetable growing, the last work I was operator of didactic factory, I introduce myself into scholastic projects and educational labour.

My grandparents were peasants, they have always had to do with the country, with the rythm of the nature and with bonds dictated by earth of marchigian hills: from there I come. I feel flow inside a land and its traditions, they give me the right value and the strenght  to my identity. I have been living in Tuscany not for longer than an year, I moved to Pistoia for love, even if I have been travelling along the centre of Italy, without deciding to choose. Another aspect of my name is the slowness. I’m actually a woman who goes slowly: even if I am sure and decisive of my chooices, there are more radical decisions to make me in difficulty. I seek refuge in this slowly way to live, in this way my thoughts take vitality, let me decide in the rightest way.

Losing time is having consciousness, it is a way to take care of oneself, to ask what really you want, what direction  we want to choose.



There are some aspects of our character that we bring inside, a genetic kit, whom, we can’t live without. Part of it lies in the social-cultural enviroment in which we have grown, another part lie in our names. Honestly, I think that our names consist on the synthesis of our nature and of our personality.

In Carla, actually, there are lots of adjectives that represent my nature: free, sincere, loyal, motherly…

My nature is in effect that a free woman, I always have been a free woman since, when I was a child, I used to break my mother’s will (overall), I was a good child but when in family, someone opposed to me or contrasted with my ideas and my will, I revolted, I always have been free to choose, an example overall, my studies: someone wanted me to become employee but I want to become a teacher. For this reason I made training college and then I begann to do specialized courses and competitions, only after having passed the exams, I have worked with true satisfaction in the public administration, realizing a dream that started some years ago!

For many years I have coordinated educational services of my reality, in a changing season I have taken “the responsabilty of”…and with great satisfaction that I have had honour to present congress and changingmoment, and formation; I am so proud for what I have realized with my collegues. Also in professional field, I express my opinion, without worring to like or not (to collegues or to administrators). Free of having strenght to tell stop..when (also with suffering) a friendship or a love were finished. Free of expressing my opinion!

Sincere, proud of being it, even if this aspect, not always, has brought and brings luck, maybe I should protect myself from what surrounds me, I’m aware of it but I find difficoulties to go against my nature. Loyal and coherent that ones who know me, they know that they can trust me, my face and its expressions speak about me and about my emotions.

Motherly, my motherhood doesn’t express with a natural child but with lots of “acquired” children, youngs and adults, whom I have entered in contact with various reasons. It is made by lots of moments, attentions, and it is expressed with listening, requested advice, with the care and the time dedicated to the people, who wants me to speak, who wants my opinion to know.

Being careful to the needs of the others, of the people who sorround me (my family, my friends, my collegues and my animals) it has always been the same..without working hard …it has always been natural to give me to the others. But close to these aspects, there are some others that are not so good. I am a little bit touchy when I receive a rudness, with difficoulties I forget it immediately and I pull a long face and I take the distance, after the dued apologies. Sometimes I realize to being too “hard”. For example when I live a great disappointment and I live a rudness  immediately like a betrayal of assessment or friendship; only with my age, I become a little bit wise and I try to avoid the clash. These are some characteristics of my being!