Casore del Monte

The place is situated along the ridge that arrives from Femminamorta to Serravalle Pistoiese. It is a watershed between catchment basins of the torrent Nievole in the west and of the torrent Vincio di Montagnana, tributary river of Ombrone Pistoiese in the east.

This privileged position makes the old center a kind of natural terrace, from here you can enjoy a special view, it includes from the plain of Grande Valdinievole and of Lucchesia to Livorno in the west, to Montalbano, to Fucecchiobag and to the southern Arnovalley in the south, to Pistoia, Prato, Florence plain in the east, and to spurs of Appennine mountains in the north. When it is sunny you can notice the Giottobelltower and the Brunelleschi cupola in Florence, Amiatamountain and some islands of Tuscan archipelago.

You can arrive to Casore del Monte following the street that comes from Serravallebridge and it follows the high course of torrent Nievole, or you can achieve Casore from Pistoia, following the street that follows the course of river Vincio, at last you can find a crossroads that’s along the street that comes from Pistoia to Femminamorta; Casore is connected to Marliana. From Casore lots of well-cultivated trekking path spread in the middle of chestnut wood, towards the most disparated directions: Avaglio and Panicagliora, Femminamorta and Prunetta, Marliana and Castellina.


Source: Wikipedia

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21 minutes away, 12 km from Montecatini Terme

27 minutes away, 15 km from the exit of motorway of Pistoia

44 minutes away, 28 km from Vinci

46 minutes away, 43 km from Lucca

56 minutes away, 54 km from Firenze

60 minutes away, 58 km from Pisa

How to reach us

You can reach us by car

From exit of motorway of Montecatini Terme follow the direction Pistoia, “Serravalle bridge”.  After  4 km, immediately after the bridge, you will find Marlianese street on the left, a narrow street that you should go along for 3 km.

When you have reached a small roundabout you will find the sign for farmhouse and that is Casore street.

Follow the street for 6km, going on with Campore street and the signs will help you to reach farmhouse.

From Montecatini Alto follow the signs for Casore del Monte/Nievole. There, you will find a small roundabout, follow the signs for farmhouse and that is Casore street.

Go along the street for 6 km, going on with Campore street: the signs will help you to reach the farmhouse.

When you have gone out from Pistoia motorway, follow the direction Pistoia Ovest-Zoogarden/zoo, for Montagnana, after the bridge of Ombrone torrent, you will find Montanina street on you left. Go along the street for 10km, turn to the left and follow Castellana street, after 100mt on the left side there is Biglio street. After some turns we are at the number 9/11 on the left.