We are an Agritourism that believes in the short supply chain, in the seasonality of products and in wild game (by reservation).
Most of our ingredients come from the surrounding area.

Our kitchen

Here you can find typical dishes of Tuscan cuisine. The foods are made with passion and seasonal ingredients that represent the territory.

Starters: platter of salami and tasty pecorino. Panzanella, spelled, barley or Kamut salad, with vegetables, mushrooms with parmesan flakes and raw artichokes. In oil and pickled onions. Mixed crostini.

Our first courses: you can taste our gnocchi or homemade pasta, with the three homemade sauces: Maremma hare, mallard, and on request sauce on pigeons, with the meat attached to the bone.

Our main courses: stewed wild boar with olives, pork neck cooked at a low temperature, or a variety of butcher’s meats, steak and sausages, cooked on the brazier.

Desserts: Cantucci with Vin Santo and homemade desserts.

For small children we always have a few tricks up our sleeve: bread and ham, pasta with pesto or tomato …

For your important events: we can also prepare the suckling pig on the rotisserie, and much more!

Contact us for reservations, events, special menus:

+39 0572 17 10 690


Casore’s bread – The consortium promotes the “disciplinary of Tuscan PDO bread” (Protected Designation of Origin) which will be followed by the process of recognition for the purposes of the EEC regulation 510/2006.
The Quality of the Bread is guaranteed by the control system adopted by the Consortium, which covers the entire production chain.